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The Coalition®

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ACN: 621 412 495

​​​​​​​We're proudly a left wing, non-myopic, 'direct activism' & 'grass roots' orientated, privately funded animal rights & environmental sustainability lobby and philanthropic foundation (PAF).

​Founded in 2016, our manifesto is to right-the-wrongs, turn-the-tables & place the wellbeing of the environment & animals as the number one priority via funding joint congenial activism.​

There are insurmountable environmental degradation & animal rights abuses in Australia & throughout the world ​and via  our funding of activism, we stand-up to anthropogenic violations.

Indisputably, anthropogenic degradation caused by Global Warming is detrimental to mankind, the animals that inhabit the Earth and the multitude & diverse flora that exists on the planet.

Mankind doesn’t have the imperious to cause such environmental & habitational destruction. We suspect many governments worldwide are simply lapdogs to industry, self interest groups & lobbyists.

Humanity has a responsibility to respect nature & its inhabitants, not entitlements to plunder the Earth’s beauty & resources nor at its ill-founded discretion, to inflict senseless and needless pain & suffering on the animals that inhabit this beautiful planet.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, adhering to core values of respect, accountability and transparency, innovation, diversity & inclusion, collaboration, and integrity.

With a strong moral compass, we seek to protect the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ecosystems. 

We are not nor will we be intimidated by government or industry.

Our predominant focus is on macro environmental & animal rights issues that encapsulate and stem the multitude 
of resultant insurmountable micro issues.

We exist solely to fund righting the environmental & animal rights wrongs in this world.

Through our activism & fiscal support, we foster a Vegan lifestyle.

Worth noting 10 November, 2016 - as Hillary CLINTON so eloquently put it...
​         "fighting for what's right is always worth it".