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TCS assists in saving the endangered Leadbeaters Possum from extinction due to habitat destruction caused by forest clear-felling by VicForests (Victorian government) & Nippon Paper’s (Japan) Australian subsidiary, Australian paper to manufacture Reflex paper. ​We’re working & partnering with Greenpeace Australia PacificMy Environment & The Wilderness Society (Leadbeaters’ Possums) to right this wrong. WIN 23/05/2023

​TCS proudly fiscally supporting Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) to expose & fight animal cruelty and abuse (including but not limited to 'factory farming'). 

TCS proud to support & finance Animal Liberation Queensland (ALQ) in bringing to cessation, the cruel & barbaric practice of the mistreatment of the dairy industry carelessly disguarded stolen 'Bobby Calves' in rodeos.

​TCS assists in the ongoing campaign against animal abuse & cruelty in Australia & beyond, we're a proud financial supporter of Animals Australia & PeTA Australia.

TCS is proud to work with Environmental Defenders Office Queensland to assist in overturning the approval of the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine.

To clean up the marine environment & promote recycling, TCS is collaboratively working with Boomerang Alliance.

​​​​​​​​​TCS strives to abate the cruelty of & foster protection of dolphins, we’re collaboratively working with Australia for Dolphins to right this wrong.

TCS financial supports the Australian Democracy Network to evict the then corrupt Federal LNP government at the May 2022 elections. WIN 21/05/2022

TCS proudly provides Greenpeace Australia 3 year funding to  stop Woodside’s dangerous polluting deep-sea Burrup Hub gas project.

TCS funds Humane Society International to save (stop the killing of) Flying-Foxes in Queensland. WIN 23/05/2023

In bringing to cessation the cruelty to animals, TCS is proudly jointly working with Coalition Against Duck Shooting, Animal Liberation Victoria​, Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses & Oscar's Law.​ ONGOING PARTIAL WIN 17/10/2019

TCS is a major benefactor of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's flagship ship, the M/Y Steve Irwin's major engine repairs in preparation for Operation Jeedara campaign against Norwegian Equinor (nee Statoil) oil & gas drilling in the Great Australian Bight whale calving sanctuary. WIN 25/02/2020

​TCS is a major benefactor of Greenpeace Australia Pacificcampaign against Norwegian Equinor (nee Statoil) oil & gas drilling in the Great Australian Bight whale calving sanctuary. 
WIN 25/02/2020

​TCS provides Save African Rhino Foundation with thermal imaging capabilities to enhance night time anti-poaching efforts.

TCS ongoing fiscal support of 
Wildlife Victoria's trauma trailer

​TCS funds ​Environmental Justice Australia  for action on tougher penalties for illegal killing of wildlife WIN 11/02/2021

TCS funds Victorian National Parks Association to stop AGL's Crib Point floating gas terminal WIN 30/03/2021

TCS makes substantial investment in Thylation’s Felixers  to assist in the eradication of feral cats sowz to reduce the needless maiming & killing of native wildlife.

​TCS works in collaboration with ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society, My Environment & Victoria National Parks Association to further research into protecting the endangered Leadbeaters' Possum's habitat.

TCS financially supports Greenpeace Australia Pacific efforts to overturn AGL Energy plans to demerge coal generation business.
WIN 30/05/2022

TCS financially supports Greenpeace Australia Pacific's 'Whales, not Woodside' campaign to HALT the development of the Burrup Hub project, the most polluting fossil fuel proposal in Australia (2023).